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Best Hair Care Products and Styling Tools for 2019

Whilst many of your other New Year resolutions may have already fallen by the wayside, make 2019 the year you commit to having (even more) fabulous hair. Ensuring you have a good hair-care regime at home can make the difference between lack-lustre locks, and tresses that will make the world stop and stare. Ask the good hair care products results on hair from Hairdressers Manchester for more.

Read on to discover our round-up of the best of 2019’s styling tools and products to give you a helping hand when it comes to wow-worthy hair styling at home!

Help Save the World with Vegan Unite Products


So, Veganuary (not eating meat in January) might be over and done with, but that doesn’t mean that you have to give up on your crusade to help save the world. Whether you’ve kept up your vegan eating habits or not, our vegan Unite products are not only kind to the planet, but a fabulous treat for your hair too.

Developed to solve hair styling problems at photo shoots and on the red carpet (as well as in the salon), our Unite products are free from damaging chemicals, 100% vegan and will lock-in your colour to help your hair look fresh, happy and healthy for longer.

With A-list celebs such as Jessica Alba and Victoria Beckham jumping on the bandwagon, your new hair styling regime will see you stealing the spotlight in no time!

Go for Sleek Hair Design with GHD Platinum Plus

Say goodbye to heat-damaged hair and hello to the glossiest hair of your life with the GHD Platinum Plus styler. The world’s first ‘smart’ hair straighter, its ingenious predictive plates are designed to straighten your hair safely and much more gently by predicting your hair’s needs and controlling the heat accordingly.

Monitoring the heat an eye-watering 250 times per second, its variable temperature will result in stronger, healthier hair and will eliminate the constant scorching that can result from continuous-heat straighteners.

Get Your Best Colour Ever with Wella


In our books, Wella takes the top spot when it comes to helping to create striking colour combinations that makes every hair design stand out from the crowd. Long lasting, and incredibly versatile, there’s a Wella treatment available for every possible hair type; which is great when it comes to helping us create just the look you were after.

Make Curls Easy with the Babyliss Curl Secret Styler

Making curling your hair super easy, this simple little tool completely takes the stress out achieving fabulous curly styles at home or take help from Hairdresser Northern Quarter. Using what they call Auto Curl technology (which makes it sound even more exciting), the BaByliss Curl Secret styler draws your hair automatically into its ceramic curl chamber, before heating it gently and releasing a perfectly formed curl.

Even better; achieving natural looking curls is easy as the styler automatically alternates the curl direction each time you work on a new section. Genius!

Show Your Hair Some Love With Kerastraight

Top Hairdresser Manchester

Now that the styling frenzy of the Party Season is over, show your hair some love with a Kerastraight treatment. Designed to transform and repair your hair, it will nourish and smooth your locks so that they’re straighter, stronger and beautifully smooth to the touch.

Want to Try Out Some New Products?

If you’d like to find out more about any of the treatments we offer in our salon, why not contact us today? If you haven’t visited us before, contact the team for an initial consultation or book online.

fashion and beauty, Fashion and hair styles, Hair Salon, hair stylists, Hairdressers Manchester, Personal Improvement

Top 5 Men’s Hairstyle Trends For 2019

We’ve had an interesting year in the world of male hair! In 2018, many men pursued diversity from their peers and, as a result, ended up looking exactly the same as their best mates! Every hairdresser in the country tied a top knot at some point, or attempted to imitate the gentlemanly shave-on-the-sides cut, adorned by the actors of Peaky Blinders.

The much looked up to prized fighter Conor McGregor popularised the side parting and for some odd reason, perhaps down to an appreciation of the TV series Geordie Shore, young men began to request hairstyles emulating troll dolls and midget gems. Strange yet quirky!

It’s hard to guess where men will take their hair in 2019. How about having a look at ideas by Hairdressers Manchester. One thing is for sure, if it’s anything like last year, we’re in for both a treat and a right laugh!

The Man Bun 2.0

Get ready 2019, because the man bun isn’t going anywhere! Men of all ages are growing their hair to new lengths, some for the first time in their lives, and they don’t know what to do with it. Enter, the man bun! An easy way to look like you care about the food you eat and the planet you live on – but most of all and most importantly, the reflection in the mirror.

The Return of Emo


Just not as you know it. Late 2018 brought ‘Soundcloud rappers’ and their Emo-Rap sound and style to the mainstream. For anyone over the age of 23, it’s an emerging sub-genre of Hip-Hop with angsty lyrics often with an indignant view on society. 2019 will undoubtedly see younger impressionable men copy the look. Think one or more primary colours dyed into short, long and layered braids or dreaded hair.

The Pretty Boy

This layered cut isn’t quite shoulder length Jim Morrison but it’s long enough for you to run your hands through. The hairstyle is a good balance between rough rebel and organised gent, with moderate care and attention required. Picture Prince Charming from Shrek. All in all, it’s a bob so perfect you’d consider taking him home to meet Mum and Dad!

The Buzz Cut

Arguably a response to the man bun craze, the buzz cut is a classic style which helps define attractive features such as angular cheek bones and oval face shapes. Seen everywhere from the catwalks of London Fashion Week to the inner-city sets of Grime music videos. Fashion designers such as Gosha Rubchinskiy have popularised the style as the signature cut for their models, whilst many women have also opted for the buzz cut in favour of a freer lifestyle.

The Smartly Tapered



In 2019 more men than ever will have tapered cuts, with the hairstyle on top varying depending on length and the type of hair. More conservative men will likely ask for the top to be short and neatly trimmed. Whilst students and partygoers are expected to embrace a longer, messier style with added texture; which showcases the natural body of their hair. Please lads, just promise us you’ll apply some wax if you’re heading for an interview!

We hope this helps you in your search for a new-you in 2019. If it hasn’t, pop into the Top Rated Hair Salon Manchester and we’ll be sure to help guide you to a more handsome style. The best way to start the year right!

fashion and beauty, Fashion and hair styles, Hair Salon, hair stylists, Hairdressers Manchester, Personal Improvement

7 Tips For The Quickest DIY Blowdry

With party season fast approaching, we all want to be able to achieve wow-worthy locks with the minimum of fuss. But, with jam-packed festive calendars leaving little time for pampering and preening, it can be hard to get that hair salon inspired style in the time you have available.

We’re all for putting glamorous blow-dried locks back in the spotlight this Christmas; and the good news is that you don’t need to set aside hours to achieve the look you love. Read on to discover our top tips on achieving the quickest DIY blowdry at home!

1. Don’t Forget The Conditioner


It might seem strange to suggest washing your hair more to help it dry faster but using conditioner when you wash your hair will actually help it repel water. Yes, conditioner helps to rehydrate your hair after you’ve watched it, but it will also help stop your hair absorbing more water than it needs.

This is a particularly important step if you’ve got a coloured style such as balayage or Ombre Manchester, and will help boost your hair’s natural gloss and shine.

2. Upgrade Your Hairdryer


It might sound obvious, but the key to a faster blow-dry is a more powerful hairdryer. Not only will this help you achieve a faster blowdry, it will help protect your hair from heat damage too. You don’t need to go for a hair salon quality hairdryer but, if your hair’s thin you should look for a hairdryer about 1000 watts, whilst if your hair is thick, you’ll need to up that to at least 2000 watts.

Depending on your budget, some of the other things you could add to the hairdryer checklist are some fancy extras such as ion technology or ceramic heat to protect your hair from heat damage and static.

3. Multi-Tasking Rules


Most hairdressers Manchester will tell you that you need to let your hair dry for at least 15 minutes before blow-drying. But these 15 minutes doesn’t need to be wasted time. The key to saving time here is multi-tasking!

Just wrap your hair in a cosy towel turban, then have your breakfast, start your make-up or pick out your outfit. Once the 15 minutes are up, pat and squeeze your hair to make sure you remove as much water as you can. Less water means less drying time.

4. Start At The Root

Just as they do in the hair salon, the key to a great (and quick) blow-dry is to start at the roots. Smoothing cuticle hair layers and creating shinier, healthier looking hair – not only does this technique make your hair look great, it will also help your style last longer.

Hairdressers tip: To create a style that will last from day to night, always make sure that your roots are 100% dry.

5. The Need For Speed

Higher heat doesn’t mean a faster blow-dry; instead it’s just a one-way ticket to heat damaged hair (and a very hot head). If you’re looking to get sleek style fast, up your air-flow speed instead.

6. Steal The Hairdressers Brushes

Best Hairdresser Manchester
Best Hairdresser Manchester

No, we don’t mean literally, but when it comes to achieving a speedy blow-dry, it’s time to ditch the paddle and opt for the brushes the hairdressers use – barrel brushes. Just remember, the longer your hair, the larger the barrel of the brush will need to be. If you want to achieve a super-speedy blow-dry, you could also upgrade your brushes. Go for a ceramic round barrelled brush which will conduct heat and has less bristles which improves airflow.

7. Pick The Right Products

Applying the right product before you start blow-drying your hair can help you achieve a smoother style and will help your hair dry faster. We use Unite products in our hair salon because they’re designed by hairdressers for hairdressers and will get you great results.

Get in touch to find out what products we’d recommend!

Want to Learn from the Experts?

Why not treat yourself to a blow-dry at our hair salon? As well as a relaxing head massage and a fabulous new style, we can give you some hints and tips on how to create beautiful blow-dried styles at home. If you haven’t visited us before, contact the team for an initial consultation or book online.


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fashion and beauty, Fashion and hair styles, Hair Salon, hair stylists, Hairdressers Manchester, Personal Improvement

Learn the Lingo: Hairdressing Terms Explained

There’s no doubt about it, hairdressing lingo is most definitely a barrier to feeling totally relaxed when you visit your Hair Design Manchester, as well as getting the fabulous new hairstyle you’ve been dreaming of.

We’re making it our mission to help you learn the hairdressing lingo and give you the vocab to help you know your babylights from your piecey cut. We’re starting with the most-mentioned word in hair salons across the country this season: balayage.

But what exactly is balayage?

Where Does Balayage Come From?

Top Hairdresser Manchester

Despite its recent popularity with celebs and A-listers, it might surprise you to learn that balayage has actually been around since the 1970’s. Derived from a French word which means ‘to sweep’ or ‘to paint’ – once you know this you really do have the key to understanding what balayage is all about.

How Do Hairdressers Achieve the Balayage Look?


The perfect style to go for if you want to achieve a look that is less uniform than typical highlights, the balayage technique creates a sun-kissed, beach-ready hair colour by painting the dye onto the hair rather than using foils or a colouring cap.

Your hairdresser will literally paint the colour onto your hair, creating a smooth, blended stroke of colour, and will often emphasise the sense of light and dark in your hair by combining a number of different tones.

Unlike traditional colouring techniques or the very similar ombre style, the colour doesn’t often reach the tips of the hair which can help to make the style look more natural.

Will Balayage Suit Me?


Balayage can look great on all hair types and can be applied to even the shortest pixie cuts, although it looks better on hair, especially if it is beneath your shoulders. We would always advise that you find an experienced Hairdresser Northern Quarter who has Balayage Mastery. Also, ask to see plenty of examples of their work to check that you are happy with the results that they can achieve.

You should also plan on having a consultation with your hairdresser prior to having your colour applied, so that they can explain what the style will look like on you and select the tones that will complement your complexion perfectly.

How Do I Maintain My Balayage Style?


A great choice for those of you who don’t like making lots of trips to the hair salon; because of the way the Balayage Manchester colour is applied, it’s possible to leave a longer period between colourings and still have a fabulous looking style.

By looking after your hair really well at home, you can help to prolong your hair colour and make your new style look like one of the A-list for longer. You should also think about going easy on the swimming and try to avoid washing your hair too frequently.

It’s really important to keep your hair well moisturised, so pampering yourself with luxurious replenishing treatments and natural oils is a great idea as well as being a perfect excuse for indulging yourself.